Art Publications

Art Publications

Poetry Review 105:4 Winter 2015 - illustration Stevie Smith and The Willow

Drawing and Painting - Editor, Kate Wilson. Illustrations and writing, Thames and Hudson, 2015

Writing About Art – Literary Connections in the Harrogate Fine Art collection by Lara Goodband, John Wedgwood Clarke and AS Byatt – Interview and essay Arts Council and Mercer Art Gallery, 2015

A Woman’s Work – Women Artists in the Harrogate Fine Art Collection –  by Jane Sellars Arts and  Mercer Art Gallery, 2015

Park Notes: An anthology of Art & Writing From a London Park - Paintings by Sarah Pickstone. Contributors; Writing from; Marina Warner, Ali Smith, Iain Sinclair, Amanda Coe, Lara Feigel, Emily Rhodes, Craig Taylor, Olivia Laing, Jackie Kay & Paul Hobson. Artists; Fiona Banner, Michael Landy, Laura Braun, Stephen Gill, John Stezaker & Patti Smith, 2014 

The Beholder - By Ali Smith published by Atlantis Books, images by Sarah Pickstone, 2013

Artful - By Ali Smith published by Hamish Hamilton, images by Sarah Pickstone, 2012

John Moores painting Prize Catalogue - Walker Art Gallery. 2012 and 2004

Layers catalogue - 2010

Double Interview catalogue - 2010

The Triumph of Painting - Saatchi Gallery, 2004

Irony and Gesture - Forward by Jiyoon Lee, 2008

Morpho Eugenia - Forward by Rita Selvaggio, 2005

The Saatchi Gallery - The Triumph of Painting, Jonathan Cape 2005

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